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Discussion on ENCA regarding the NHI (National Health Insurance)

South Africa down the rabbit hole | Mpiyakhe Dhlamini | Podcast #32

How far will South Africa continue to go down the rabbit hole, a question so many of us have yet to be answered? In this podcast I speak to Mpiyakhe Dhamini who is a free market data researcher in science . And we tackle a few obstacles that surround the happenings of our country.

The importance of economic freedom

Rwanda has surpassed South Africa as an investment destination on the African continent. It has rocketed past South Africa in the Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) annual report, to fill second position on the continent after Mauritius. This has led to that country being consistently one of the top five fastest growing economies in the world.

Shocking numbers for economy | part 2 | 08 June 2019

GDP’s 3.2 % drop in the first quarter of 2019 marks the biggest quarterly decline in a decade. Courtesy #DStv403

Shocking numbers for economy | part 1 | 08 June 2019

GDP’s 3.2 % drop in the first quarter of 2019 marks the biggest quarterly decline in a decade. Courtesy #DStv403

Mpiyakhe Dhlamini – The great Zulu Ancap

This week our guest is none other than Mpiyakhe Dhlamini. This was one of our favourite episodes so far. We really get into some of the nitty gritty this week, we discuss liberalism and how and if it can be put into practice in South Africa.


In this episode we are joined by Mpiyakhe Dhlamini, an anarcho-capitalist. We get to speak about his ideology and get his perspectives on topics such as why giving your vote to a smaller party is a good idea in the #GeneralElection and why #NHI won’t work in South Africa.

Choosing Liberty | Guest: Mpiyakhe Dhlamini

[Stream of Consciousness Episode 9] I interview Mpiyakhe Dhlamini: Rational Standard and BusinessDay columnist. He is a former libertarian and former socialist, with an interest in, inter alia, Black Consciousness, Free Markets & Anarchism. Mpiyakhe also runs his own web development business, where he’s a full-time freelancer.

The Renegade Report – Two Anarchists, One Podcast – CliffCentral

Roman is joined by anarchist and programmer Mpiyakhe Dhlamini. Mpiyakhe explains the evolution of his political ideology from a young socialist to an anarcho-capitalist today. The conversation dovetails Mpiyakhe’s self education as a programmer, his current studies on machine learning, and his views on the erosion of community organisations.

BLS: Blacks Only | Episode 2 | The Big Liberty Show

In this second episode of “Blacks Only”, we talk about the recent Cabinet announcement, Helen Zille’s piece discussing racial representivity vs. diversity. Does race really matter? We also chat about the state of black families in SA.

BLS: Blacks Only | Episode 1 | The Big Liberty Show

The first episode of “Blacks Only” is finally up! We mock and burst the social justice warrior myth that all blacks are homogeneous trendy-Lefties, or ascribe to racial nationalism and identity politics. This show brings together and provides a platform to intellectually diverse black classical liberals, conservatives, libertarians and anarchists.