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Why property rights are pro-poor

What is the cause of poverty? And what would be the solution? These are questions that have shaped my thoughts for some time now. In this article, I present some of my thinking, along with some data to back my views.

How Rwanda surpassed SA: The importance of economic freedom

Economic freedom correlates strongly with economic growth. There is no longer any doubt about this for anyone who witnessed the extraordinary rise of the countries in the former Eastern Bloc after the fall of the former Soviet Union.

Mpiyakhe Dhlamini: Let my people go – How Africa can save herself –

This fascinating analysis is a passionate and seemingly psychologically-correct interpretation of a bruised and wounded African societal psyche that so easily justifies currently self-inflicted harm by blaming past injustices. Anyone’s who’s ever studied psychology and/or been counselled themselves, knows how the abused can become the abuser, and how self-hate and self-abuse are painful and uneasy travelling companions.

Free trade is a civilisational achievement. Restricting it is anti-poor

Trade is a cornerstone of the modern world. Of all the achievements that mankind has managed since the Second World War, a world in which free trade is the norm must surely rank as one of the greatest civilisational achievements.

SA businesses are shutting down at an alarming rate – and we need urgent reforms to turn the tide

Stats SA’s April Statistics of Liquidations and Insolvencies paint a very grim picture. The number of business liquidations increased by 53.1% between April 2018 and April 2019. The number of insolvencies increased by 30.1% between March 2018 and March 2019.

Man – Rational Standard

You are a man, endowed with rational thought, if you choose to exercise this faculty. Thinking is never easy, if solutions appeared always in front of us, you would have no need for the most advanced piece of machinery yet observed in the known universe.

Poor GDP numbers show its time to abandon fiscal stimulus | IOL News

The dire GDP numbers also reflect Eskom’s failure to provide a reliable electricity supply. For this, we must thank the Department of Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan which didn’t provide for deregulating the energy sector. South Africa is facing the consequences of bad government decision-making.

To solve SA’s problems we have to embrace, and engage with, free speech

Free speech is crucial for maintaining a healthy society. We have to be able to discuss controversial things with each other. If I could get one wish granted for Christmas it would be restoring the ability to speak honestly and without fear as South Africans.

Inflation is possibly the most serious economic risk, not just in SA

The key to understanding inflation is to first understand the nature of money. The common perception of money among members of the public, and even some economists, verges on the fantastical. It is seen as a means to achieve many ends that, normally, would lie beyond reach according to the rules of scarcity and exchange which are the foundation of economics.

The idea that labour and capital have divergent interests is wrong

You cannot produce anything without capital. If all capital is centrally controlled by the state, you will not produce as much as a society that allows free individuals to own property (all capital is property and some property is capital). This is because central control has no mechanism for distributing capital to those who will use it most efficiently.

Eskom was doomed to fail. It’s core problem? Its monopoly

It has become an accepted premise among some South Africans that the current government is responsible for the troubles facing Eskom, whether it is the financial position of the utility being compromised by corruption or so-called policy sabotage when the government barred the company from building more power stations in the late 1990s.

Black people can get out of poverty, if the government gets out of their way

This is a response to an opinion piece written by Mbe Mbhele, titled Why it is impossible for blacks to succeed. Poverty has been decreasing in Africa as countries have gradually liberalised their economies, yet the South African government has chosen to go in the opposite direction and citizens are bearing the brunt.

ZACP: The Best Chance of Breaking SA from the Curse of Dependence – Rational Standard

If you are not able to achieve for yourself the greatest desire of your heart, your life’s goal, your destiny, no one else will do it for you. At best, someone will make some token effort in exchange for something they want from you that helps them achieve their own goal.

Debunking the “Don’t Vote For A Small Party!” Myth – Rational Standard

One of the most enduring myths is that voting for a small party splits the opposition vote and leads to a lower vote overall. These fear-mongering claims are false. In fact, there’s a slight advantage to giving your vote to a smaller party. Let’s review the formula described in the Electoral Act and then look …

Stories and Protecting Freedom – Rational Standard

The current struggle being waged presently and shaping our future is that between landless black people(this includes black people who own land) and colonial settler whites (this includes white people who moved here 10 years ago), black people have no land – actual title deeds notwithstanding – while white people own all productive land (don’t …

SONA 2019: Bigger Government – Rational Standard

President Ramaphosa delivered his second state of the nation address (SONA 2019) and concrete promises were made. This was a marked departure from the Zuma years where we had become accustomed to empty rhetoric. It was rather unfortunate then, that most of the proposals would either keep things the same or make them worse.

Tax Revolt Detractors Want the Poor to Keep Suffering – Rational Standard

The idea of a tax revolt recently attracted considerable attention after the Western Cape premier, Helen Zille, mooted the idea as a means to hold politicians accountable if: 1) The NPA does not proceed with prosecutions after a reasonable amount of time; or 2) Voters continue voting for a party that endorses (implicitly or explicitly) …

The DA is Lost in the Wake of Gwen Ngwenya Resignation – Rational Standard

Gwen Ngwenya resigned as the Democratic Alliance’s head of policy today, and with her goes any chance of redeeming the party among liberals. According to Business Day, she resigned because the party refuses to drop BBBEE (an African National Congress policy) from its election platform.

Why Should Fayrooz Saleh Declare Her Money? – Rational Standard

Imagine you are stopped in the middle of the street by a police officer who asks you if you have R10 in your pocket. You deny that you do, and the officer demands to search you. He thus finds R10 in your wallet. Imagine that this government employee demands to know why you have the …

The Reaction to Kolisi’s Statements: An Insult to Black Consciousness – Rational Standard

Siya Kolisi, the national rugby team captain, has made the obvious point that the best way to get more black players in the team is by developing those players from a young age. This ensures that you get a bigger pool of these players available for selection and that when they do get selected, they are able to add value to the team.

Minorities are at Risk (Even Though It’s Not Yet Genocide) – Rational Standard

Terence Corrigan recently wrote a good article pointing out the flaws in the white genocide narrative as well as the position often taken by politicians and the media in opposition to this narrative. I think he covered all aspects of this adequately, but I thought it would be useful to examine the position of Genocide …

Unions: Friend or foe of the poor?

SONA: No detail, big pipe dreams

Reduce restrictions on foreign business

NHI – Analysis from a public choice perspective

Deregulating the economy, a matter of urgency

Government stealth tax to fund ailing Eskom

Afro-socialists are the cause of black poverty

The minimum wage is an insult to the poor



Untitled communal land amounts to dead capital

History has shown that full property ownership is the best way to free people from poverty – and PTOs and lease agreements are a far cry from the real deal

Venezuela’s economy proves that socialism simply doesn’t work

Increased government spending means more opportunities for corruption, no matter how noble the intention

Ingonyama Trust coining it by keeping subjects serfs on its land –

JOHANNESBURG – The Ingonyama Trust should be a tool designed to empower working class people in rural KwaZulu-Natal. Instead, it’s being used to exploit the poor, extract millions of rands out of them and keep them in perpetual economic poverty, as outlined and explained by the Free Market Foundation (FMF) in this article below.

OP-ED: Title deeds are simply a means to an end – security of property rights

South Africa has a history of denying property rights, especially to the poor and vulnerable. The natural relationship – intricately related to dignity and freedom – that develops between people and their possessions was forcefully shattered by a racist government with a socialist ideological agenda.

Socialist policies always lead to corruption

Corruption is a feature and not a bug of socialism. Every socialist system is guaranteed to have a high level of corruption. It is also true that, when out of power, socialists are among the biggest opponents of corruption. So how do we reconcile these two facts?

Minimum wage will be most detrimental to youth without degrees

On February 7 2017, then deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa signed an agreement with representatives of big business and labour (excluding Cosatu) on an agreed National Minimum Wage. This is to pave the way for a standardised minimum wage level for virtually all South African employees as a floor below which no prospective worker may be employed.

Are supporters of expropriation without compensation doing their part?

Mpiyakhe Dhlamini examines some of the data around land ownership, and what effect it could have on the proponents of expropriation without compensation if the Constitution were to be amended What are the goals of the ANC and EFF’s expropriation without compensation policy?

Expropriation Without Compensation is the Last Straw

What is the purpose of government? Why do we allow these people to tax us and live opulent lives while we have to earn every cent we get? What makes this arrangement worthwhile? I don’t know the answers to these questions but some people believe that we have these loafers – parasites, really – as a means of protecting ourselves and our property.

South Africans Must Save Themselves and Not Wait For Government –

The biggest fund manager in the country, owned by government, wants to move money out of the country . The pace of land invasions has increased. Property prices are trending downwards, partly due to black people expecting to get expropriated land for free, while other buyers are not sure if it’s worth it if expropriation without compensation (EWC) happens.

Anarchism for the Future – Rational Standard

Nothing about anarchy guarantees a free and prosperous world. It simply says that each individual should be able to choose what kind of life they want to live, as long as this is done peacefully. What I didn’t understand before, and now do because of Nicholas Woode-Smith, is that all libertarians are anarchists.

Mr Roets Goes To Cape Town: When The NDR Agenda Was Exposed

On the 6th of September 2018 I witnessed a shameful spectacle. A citizen was attacked by his representatives for presenting a reasoned argument on a proposed constitutional change that could fundamentally alter the basis of the entire Constitution. This was driven by a distortion of history and the African National Congress (ANC)’s reliance on the …

Liberty Requires The End of Government – Rational Standard

Any resort to violence except for the purposes of self-defense is the clearest indication that the person does not possess the basic intelligence required to be a member of society. Unfortunately for us, most people fall into this category (we see this by the fruits of democracy, more and more government, and thus violence) and …

Black Consciousness In Modern SA: The Oppressor (Part 2) – Rational Standard

There is no such thing as a black identity – as I have written before. Each individual has their own aspirations, and in pursuing these it is prudent to tailor your approach to the situation at hand. That is why each one of us needs to maximise their own freedom to think (as addressed in …

Black Consciousness In Modern SA: The Inferiority Complex (Part 1) – Rational Standard

When considering the usefulness of any idea or set of ideas, it is obviously counter-productive to have as your premise the notion that the originator of the idea is an infallible messiah. That kind of approach is the exact opposite of rational thought and is useless to any earnest truth-seeker.

We Will Remain Poor If We Don’t Embrace Importation – Rational Standard

Imagine waking up to news that the South African government has imposed a 300% dumping duty on the US dollar because Americans are buying too much South African products and thus dumping their currency in this country. I imagine that most people would be outraged at such a ludicrous policy, the only effect of which …

Ramaphosa’s Election is A Good Thing, But We Need Him to Lose in 2019

Because so many of our fellow citizens continue to give the African National Congress (ANC) power over our lives, it is in our interests, as South Africans, to understand how the ANC works – how it decides on its policies, what the special interests are and how these play out in terms of how its leaders are chosen.

Fomer President Thabo Mbeki urges ANC rethink on EWC



A Free Market in Labour is in the Best Interests of the Unemployed

Politicians love talking about jobs, not only here in South Africa but all over the world. They are fond of reminding us how much they want to create jobs. But it is clear that government has been the only thing that can and has reduced the potential to create employment.

Government is the Embodiment of Evil and Must be Replaced by Voluntaryism – Rational Standard

Whatever your issue is with any private individual or organisation, I guarantee that I can give you at least two examples where a government has done something much worse. Governments throughout history have committed all the evils man is capable of committing. If there is a literal Devil running around in the world, it has …

Zimbabwe: A Lesson in Economics for South Africans – Rational Standard

After the new Zimbabwean President’s inauguration speech, a lot of African nationalists are disappointed that Zimbabwe might adopt SA-style land reform, despite the shade that Mugabe has been throwing at Mandela’s memory. With 80% unemployment (this figure is uncertain due to the challenges in that country), Zimbabwe needs investors and no investor is going to risk …

South African Airways is Not a ‘Strategic Asset’ – Rational Standard

In this article I am going to give a point-by-point rebuttal to the economic illiteracy expressed in this video. Firstly, I would like to thank Benji Shulman for posting it on the Renegade Report discussion group and for bringing it to my attention. Below are summaries of the four main points presented in the video: …

Where are the Men and Women of Principle? – Rational Standard

The Gupta saga is an excellent opportunity for a fundamental rethinking of everything we thought we knew. But, knowing South Africans, we’ll take the elastoplast option, i.e getting rid of Zuma, the Guptas and their collaborators, without addressing the fundamental issues that allowed these individuals to do what they did.

Stand Up For Liberty & The Liberty Movement – Rational Standard

I believe a strong case can be made that liberalism has not taken hold in South Africa; indeed, our imperfect constitution is more liberal than most of the people of this country. That explains why an ANC rooted in communist/nationalist principles could enjoy so much support for so long.

Remembering the Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith – Rational Standard

South African politics has not always been about race or class. There have been courageous people throughout our history who have stood for higher principles, and I think most would agree that Harry Schwarz was one such individual. Schwarz was expelled from the United Party after declaring in Parliament, “I am my brother’s keeper”, in …

‘Buy Black’ If You Want – But It Won’t Do You Any Good – Rational Standard

There is nothing wrong with choosing to buy only from black-owned businesses. If that is what you want to do, you should go ahead, but it is a mistake to think that this is the cure to all our economic problems. This kind of thinking comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of how the market works.

It’s Time to Sell South Africa’s State-Owned Enterprises – Rational Standard

Government is unwilling to privatise state-owned enterprises (SOEs) because it believes that owning these companies gives government, and South Africa by extension, a strategic advantage. In other words, government thinks that by owning these companies it can achieve some predetermined goal that would otherwise be unachievable. That is simply not true.

Radical Prosperity: Townships as Seeds for a Bright South African Future

We need to compensate the descendants of people who had their property expropriated during apartheid and the period just before it, but that surely can’t be the whole story. There is an opportunity cost associated with not being allowed to own land and take certain jobs or live in certain areas.

Government is wasting the South African unemployment crisis – Rational Standard

Being unemployed sucks, and being unemployed and poor is even worse, which is why it’s hardly surprising that poor unemployed people would have the greatest incentives to start businesses. This is especially true in a country where our heroic African National Congress has ensured that South African unemployment numbers are the highest in the G20 …

#MenAreTrash and the Oppressive (Wo)man-Babies – Rational Standard

I have just read a public statement by PASMA (Pan-African Student Movement of Azania) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The statement announces the suspension of one of its Student Representative Council (SRC) caucus members for sexual harassment – the kind of quick action and accountability rarely seen among our politicians of various stripes …

South Africa’s banking system and why you need to buy Bitcoin

If you’re like most working people, you get a salary in rands every month and you use this to meet you and your family’s needs and some of your wants. You probably feel some financial pain as prices rise but it’s not too bad because good companies know that prices will rise and increment their …

Our Individuality Comes Before Our Blackness – Rational Standard

The worst mistake you can make is thinking that because you are black, and black people are in the overwhelming majority, then democracy will always align to your interests. Firstly, as individuals, we don’t all have the same interests. It’s not just a matter of seizing stuff from white people; by seizing “the stuff”, a …

Welfare: The Die is Cast: A perspective – Rational Standard

‘Radical economic transformation’ will lead South Africa to bankruptcy. Then comes the IMF and the World Bank crisis loans as well as structural adjustment programs (which are nothing but an attempt to shield irresponsible governments from the consequences of their actions). The IMF and World Bank will then be blamed for the social unrest that …

Release the Lion – Rational Standard

We don’t have to be stuck between two mythical deities known as white monopoly capital and state capture, both are an attempt to frame all our problems around one single problem – with government the solution in both cases. This is plainly not a true assessment of the situation we find ourselves in.